Corporation Philips has been working successfully in the medical equipment market for over 100 years.  Purchase of CHF was the beginning of Philips activities in the area.  At that time CHF was the manufacturer of the first commercial X-ray tube.  Philips authorities distinguished potential commercial benefit in the direction and the required resources were allocated for the purpose.  As the result the Company presented its first X-ray tube in 1993 that soon became widely popular in Europe and USA. 

Then Philips commenced strengthening its positions in the medical equipment market.  The specialists designed and manufactured various systems required in the routine operations of any hospital.

At present Philips manufactures high quality clinical systems (supersound, cardiological systems, etc.), the visualization systems, systems of medical warning, home tele-monitoring systems, etc.  Address specialists of our Company for full products variety of Philips medical equipment and they will willingly answer all Your questions.