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International corporation SmithHealthcare has been working on the market  of medical equipment since 2008. SmithHealthcare Head Office is located in Saint Petersburg. Company representatives successfully work in major Russian cities.


Each manager of any health care institution knows that all health care projects shall be carefully thought-out even on the planning stage. To set challenges correctly, cut expenses, reduce building costs, shorten terms and find the most efficient procurement routes of performance targets one shall have relevant experience and qualification. Over the years of working in this field our professionals have accumulated sufficient knowledge to take on a project of any difficulty level and finish it by due date.


Primary working field of SmithHealthcare is implementation of professional equipment from leading international manufacturers in health care institutions. An outstanding feature of company business is wide range of offered services, including:


  • Creation and management of projects of various difficulty levels and characteristics, including medical techniques development.
  • Design engineering and supply of “clean room facilities” of various difficulty categories.
  • Full range medical equipment servicing from initial consultations to assembly operations.
  • Optimized warehouse storage.
  • Granting of flexible payment systems based on credit schemes, bank guarantees, lease.