Drager Medical

The profile of Dräger activity is production of medical equipment and safety provision systems.  The Company has been operating successfully in the market since 1889, from that time Dräger   products got lots of positive feedbacks both from experts and ordinary specialist that use Dräger equipment in daily proceedings: in hospitals, on the factory floors, in mines, fire-fighting system, search and rescue and environment protection service. 


If you need high quality, reliable and efficient systems for your hospital Dräger products will become Your optimum choice:  systems for artificial pulmonary ventilation and analgesia devices, temperature balance maintaining systems and developmental care systems, medical monitoring systems, medical gases control systems, etc.   You can also purchase various medical lamps, consumables and accessories demanded in the daily proceedings. 

Website: http://www.draeger.co.uk/sites/en_uk/Pages/Hospital/ProductSelector.aspx?navID=150