The Company Dornier MedTech is one of the leading European manufactures of medical equipment.  Dornier products are supplied to Russia for 15 years and that equipment managed to prove itself excellent and get numerous positive reports from the experts.  Quality and reliability of Dornier is highly appreciated in the Russian market thus the authorities of hospitals frequently tend to select Dornier MedTech products.

Dornier products line represents systems required to any health care centre.  Dornier lithitriptors are well-known in the medical circles and are traditionally demanded.  Compact Delta II, Compact Sigma, Gemini models are of the specific demand.  Urological tables (Opus II UIMS) and orthopedic systems (AR2, Epos Ultra), characterized by increased quality and improved performance can also be distinguished in the Dornier products.

If Your medical center needs laser systems, Dornier will be Your best choice.  The following models bare represented at our web-site:  Medilas D LiteBeam+, Medilas D MultiBeam, Medilas D FlexiPulse, Medilas D UroBeam, Medilas H 20, Medilas Fibertom 8100. If You find it difficult to select the best option of the equipment or should You have any questions, please contact our specialists and they will provide You with comprehensive advice and help You in selection of necessary option.