German Company B.Braun Medical is the oldest in Europe.  It has successfully been working in the medical equipment market during 170 years, B. Braun specialists accumulated sufficient useful experience to reach high quality of the manufactured medical equipment.  Excellent performance data and reliability of B. Braun equipment made it the most demanded among hospitals of Europe and Russia.

At present there are three directions of B. Braun equipment manufacture:  division of hospital products, division “Esculapian” and the BSL division.  The hospital products line division includes various infusion pumps and solutions, nutritional treatment and various accessories for the intensive care.

If Your medical organization needs reliable surgeon armamentarium and various suture materials and products for interventional cardiology, the division “Esculapian” offers You the wide spectrum of options.  

Website: http://www.bbraun.com/cps/rde/xchg/bbraun-com/hs.xsl/products.html